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$600.00 USD
Database Driven Web-Site.
This package is a wonderful package for the user who wants a
highly professional web-site with-out the high upfront cost of building it. Outdoorsmen Hosting will build this site for you and customize it for you. Once we completed your web-site you will be able to run and manage your web-site with ease. With our build it editor and database driven web-site you will find your website very professional but yet very simple to add/update pages, pictures and such.
This Package also comes with our platinum website hosting services.
This means that our best web-hosting service is included in the package,
$49.99 USD
Outdoorsmen Website Presence.
Basic information type website consisting of 1 page with up to 15 images. Excellent for personal pages or for testing out the web for small businesses. This option can be upgraded in the future to a full website.
$99.99 USD
Outdoorsmen Website Starter.
Website with 3 pages and up to 25 images. An excellent choice for the small to medium sized business looking to make a web impression while keeping costs in line.
$199.99 USD
Outdoorsmen Website Deluxe.
Website with 10 pages and up to 50 images. A very good choice for businesses serious on marketing their products or services on the Internet.
$399.99 USD
Outdoorsmen Website Custom.
Website with 30 pages and up to 150 images. The king of the hill package for any small to large business looking for a significant web presence.

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